Detect and beat fraud — accept payments online safely!


Why do you need
an anti-fraud system?

If you are still wondering why should an online business use an anti-fraud system, you should remember that actual losses experienced by issuers, merchants, and acquirers all over the world exceed billions of dollars annually. Merchants are usually affected the most.

How does
the fraud occur?

However, industry players know how to cut those
expenses and progress significantly in developing
various systems designed to combat card fraud.

Credit card fraud can still happen for one of two reasons:


The cardholder is not being honest. Which can be challenging to detect.


A criminal got hold of someone else’s credit card details.

is what every online business should use!


We analyze every transaction

The system evaluates the suspiciousness of financial transactions from the fraud point of view. The service reports on questionable actions' detection and recommendations for further processing. In short, it detects and prevents fraudulent transactions making your business safe for its customers, its partners, and itself.


We use intelligent analysis in our algorithms.

Processing each payment through the fraud system allows the system to analyze the buyer's behavioral pattern. Digimeth stores and updates data on suspicious transactions to effectively and quickly determine the riskiness of a fraudulent transaction. Collected data allows the system to accurately determine the degree of risk of each payment and prevent it. Our expertise in fraud analytics and intelligent systems allows us to provide quality service.

The Digimeth system is customized for each business, considering all the subtleties and specifics