Enjoy simple and secure payments with ApplePay

ApplePay™ is an instant payment method from Apple. It enables users to pay in one click. Moreover the card data is securely stored by Apple.

Enjoy ApplePay payment experience in different web browsers or with any Apple device

How does it work?

Customer either already has or adds a credit or debit card to the Apple Wallet™ app.


Сustomer taps the ApplePay button and makes a transaction.

That’s it – no need to fill out forms or enter payment info!


How to integrate ApplePay to your website

ApplePay can be integrated directly via ApplePay API or through the Digimeth payment page

Connection with ApplePay API

You can place the ApplePay button directly on your website. Your website should use a HTTPS connection and you need to perform additional steps to get started with the ApplePay API. Please find more information and the instructions via the link.


Connection via the Digimeth payment page

All you need is an integration with Digimeth - there is no need for additional integrations. The ApplePay button will be on the Digimeth payment page. The technical integration is also the same as for other payment methods used through the payment page

Simple and secure payments with ApplePay