Payment data
and complex transaction information in one user area. What for?


Control the customer
journey and analytics on your side

Digimeth provides complete control over the payment page and advanced data analysis. Why does it matter? The payment page is critical. It's the “final station” for customers making purchases. This is where the site visitor becomes the customer, bringing money to the company. And with analytics you can improve this journey every time.

Set your business goals
based on financial insights


We provide our clients with comprehensive payment data and detailed transaction information in a one-user area.


Based on analytics and timely, critical information, our merchants can act according to financial insights


Dashboards show real-time data, which can be separated by card brand, payment method, geography, and more.


These tools are right in your personal account to help provide customer-oriented payment experience and grow sales!

Data-driven approach automates your business and cash flows.

Our partners control fees, interests, withdrawals, balances, chargebacks, etc - all in the personal account. Important information allows you to stand out from the competition!

Data analysis allows you to stand out from the competition!